The Problem

  • #1 Manufacturing shutdowns. ...

  • #2 Less vehicle sales. ...

  • #3 Massive layoffs. ...

  • #4 Disrupted supply chain. ...

  • #5 Liquidity. ...

  • #6 Change in customer behavior.



Every project has a story, and own investors who want to hear yours. This project is a great opportunity to give a full background on what is the solution, what our team does and what our token has to offer. 

  1. Social Preparedness and Mechanisms to Prevent Elite Capture

  2. Strong Administrative and Technical Capacity at the Higher Levels

  3. Strong Political Commitment at the Higher Levels

  4. Sustained Initiatives for Capacity-Building at the Local Level

  5. Strong Legal Framework for Transparency and Accountability

  6. Transformation of Local Government Organizations into High Performing Organizations

  7. Appropriate Reasons to Decentralize: Intentions Matter

  8. Effective Judicial System, Citizens' Oversight and Anticorruption Bodies to prevent Decentralization of Corruption